CMC-Corpora 2015: 3rd Conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities

23-24 Oct 2015 @ University of Rennes (France)

The international research days (IRDs) on Social Media and CMC Corpora for the eHumanities were held in Rennes, France on 23-24th October 2015 and focused on communication and interactions stemming from networks such as the Internet or telecommunications, as well as mono and multimodal, synchronous and asynchronous communications. The focus of the IRD encompassed different CMC genres. These included, but were not limited to, discussion forums, email, SMS, text chat, wiki discussions, discussions in multimodal and/or 3D environments.

The aim of the IRDs was to bring together researchers who had collected CMC data and who wished to organize and share them for research purposes. The IRDs focused on the process of building CMC corpora including annotation and analysis processes as well as the questions of ethics and rights raised by publishing CMC corpora as open data.