Aivars is a senior researcher at the Institute for Applied Linguistics of Eurac Research Bozen/Bolzano. His research focuses on sociolinguistic aspects of the use of registers in CMC. He has been responsible for the creation of the multilingual CMC corpus DiDi, a corpus linguistic collection of facebook texts of writers from the multilingual Italian province of South Tyrol. Currently, he is working on the description of written German dialect varieties in CMC. As he always needs more authentic data for his work, he is happy to collect new data whenever possible in order to produce and analyse new corpora!

He has worked on the creation of several learner corpora in recent years, such as LEONIDE and KoKo, and combines writing research and corpus linguistics in his research activities.

Aivars is also the managing editor for the new Eurac Research Learner Corpus Platform PORTA.

  • Writing research
  • Language acquisition
  • Computer-mediated communication
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics